Having Peace of Mind

confidentialPrior to losing sexual virginity the fear of having an STD is not present. Weird things happen, bumps, tingling during urination, and you still have peace of mind. However, once virginity is lost new fears crop in. It is only natural. Even if both parties promise and swear each are their “first” the fear sets in.

This fear doesn’t go away over time. Denial may even set it. To many people this is how they cope. HIV is so scary the mere thought of the possibility is denied and passed over. Even young, healthy people will selectively and conveniently “forget” sketchy sexual partners in order to cope with their fears. However, the next time a razor bump or the smallest skin irritation sets in the fears are back. What is this thing on my genitals? Self-hate, loss of self-worth, depression & loss of sleep may set in.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why not go get a comprehensive STD lab test and put these fears to rest? Is the desire to remain anonymous compelling one to stay in this state of fear? The Electronic Medical Records Act sucks in that it requires even negative lab tests to follow you for the rest of your life. Your doctor 50 years from now will be able to see how many times you had an STD test. How embarrassing. It seems like lawmakers just didn’t think this through before passing it. What’s new, right?

This is why I created this blog/website. Anonymous STD Testing Awareness. People wanting to remain anonymous have only ONE option in Dallas to get a truly anonymous STD test. It is my goal to spread awareness as to what this one option is, where to get it, and how to do it in order to remain truly anonymous.